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The Lookout
Fantastic new development by A-Tec Design cantilevered over the stunning Mylor creek.
Newcourt_Langton Priory_Interior_Kitchen oven_Crop_02
Langton Priory
CGI Visualisations of prestigious new development by Newcourt To see cinemagraph example please click here:  
Brooks Green
Serene location for cool proposal by Hawkes.
Aldwych House
Illustrations of Aldwych House scheme by Sheppard Robson Architects
Illustration of new mixed use space designed by Group Ginger
A small flavour of exquisite interiors designed by Russell Sage for private client
Lilleby Apartment
Marketing perspective for new apartment building in Trondheim, Norway by Lund Hagem Arkitekter
Group Ginger
New Mixed use proposal by Group Ginger for Development Securities and Cathedral    
Olympic HQ, Norway
Another winning design proposal by Lund Hagem. Illustrations by Sanders Shiers.  


  • Jet_Interior_Table_Wide
    Phenom 300
  • RHE_Alphabeta_Atrium_Camera03_Cropped
  • HCD_Oakhill_Camera01_Artwork
    Oakhill House
  • aerion
  • ultramed
  • Open_Hydro_web
    Open Hydro
  • HamiltonCourt_Coachworks_Bedroom_Print
    The Coachworks
  • SS_Isobar_Audi_VintageGrade
    Retro Grade
  • Tregothnan_Hut_DoubleDoor_Print
    Shepherds Hut
  • Octopi_MorpethRd_Artwork
    Morpeth Road
  • ss-halloween
    Happy Halloween
  • LG_Stadium
    LG Stadium
  • CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80
    Aerion Supersonic Business Jet
  • SS_Xmas2014_web
    Merry Xmas!
  • OlaRoald_Lomelde
  • OlaRoald_Fredrikshaldbrygge
  • Aldwych_House_Concierge
    Aldwych House
  • Turkel_Waterside
  • Day1_Hillside_TypeB_Interior_St05a
    Type B
  • Tresehar_Bedroom
    Tresehar Rd
  • Walls_GoodbyeSerious
    Goodbye Serious
  • MarineDesigns_Still_Artwork
    Deep Sea Dock
  • Day1_Millendreath_Waterside_UnitA_Interior
  • Skycity
  • OlaRoald_Bjorhaug_Interior
  • 73CharlotteSt_View01_Artwork
    Charlotte St
  • Setesdalen
  • Newton_Carbis_Interior
    Newton Residence
  • LundHagem_Fornebu2_StreetScene
    Fornebu 2
  • Reflex_MeetTheFamily
    Meet the Family
  • OlaRoald_Siljan_Exterior_Print
  • Reflex_Banner_Backdrop
    Reflex Banner
  • R17
    Merry Xmas 2013
  • Carters_Bar_Interior
    Carters Bar
  • LH_ParadisStation_View02
    Paradis Station
  • Lundhagem_Sanstuveien_Entrance
  • Adobe Photoshop PDF
    Kew Glasshouse
  • Reflex_Torro_Claw
    Transfer Training
  • CoachHouse_Front
    Coach house Lane


  • Ultramed
    VFX green screen Production in collaboration with Dogbite Film studio showcasing MyPreOp by Ultramed [ See Highres]
  • Aerion Supersonic Business Jet
    Animation for KJA illustrating Aerion's new Supersonic Business Jet featured at the EBACE 2014 event in Geneva. [ See Highres]
  • Acoustic Corer
    Innovative device by Pangeo Subsea to search and identify seabed sub-surface obstacles [ See Highres]
  • Pangeo Subsea
    Innovative device by Pangeo Subsea to search and identify location of buried cables and pipe lines. [ See Highres]
  • Reflex Marine
    Offshore personnel and cargo transfer system. The HAWK system - revolutionising safe and easy transfer in high seas. [ See Highres]
  • Dubai Kiosk
    Solar powered infomation and advertising kiosks - concept for RHE London competition entry. Music by Cliff Martinez [ See Highres]
  • Deep Sea Dock
    Deep Sea Dock system by Marine designs. [ See Highres]
  • Shelter Box
    Seasonal Animation to assist Shelter Box in raising public awareness [ See Highres]
  • Happy Halloween
    All is not quite as it seems.
  • FBO Private Jet terminal
    "The FBO and associated buildings are conceived of as a series of dune-like structures in response to their siting within a very flat, open desert context." Completed for Simon Brown Architecture [ See Highres]


We’re delighted to announce that our client, Ultramed, won the award for ‘Best Use of Design’ at the Cornwall Business Awards 2015. Sanders Shiers addressed the marketing collateral and art direction for Ultramed’s brand image.

Here is our Director, Alan Sanders, accepting the award. Looking suave Alan!

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